When you need a reliable perishable logistics and supply chain partner to help plan your operations, trust the experts at Logistics. Fruit import and export logistics is a complex business that requires attention to several aspects:

  • Temperature control: Fruits are perishable goods that require temperature control during transportation. Different types of fruits require different transportation temperatures, so when choosing transportation methods and freight companies, ensure that they can provide appropriate temperature control equipment and services.


  • Packaging: Fruits need to be properly packaged during transportation to protect them from damage. Packaging should be sturdy enough to prevent fruits from being crushed or bumped during transportation. Additionally, packaging should have good ventilation to maintain the freshness and quality of fruits.


  • Transportation time: Fruit imports need to shorten transportation time as much as possible to ensure that fruits reach their destination in the best condition. Therefore, you need to choose the fastest transportation method and the shortest transportation route to reduce transportation time and cargo handling time.


  • Regulatory requirements: In fruit import logistics, you need to comply with international and domestic regulatory requirements. For example, appropriate documents and certificates such as export permits and inspection certificates need to be provided during transportation.


  • Freight insurance: Freight insurance is very important in fruit import logistics as it can protect your cargo from accidental damage and loss. You need to choose the appropriate freight insurance to cover the various risks that may occur during the transportation of goods.


  • Customs clearance procedures: Fruit imports require customs clearance procedures from customs and other relevant departments. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary documents and certificates for smooth customs clearance procedures.

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Our approach is simple. Our routing tools and industry knowledge allow us to engineer distribution networks that exceed our customers’ expectations. By helping to reduce miles and time, you’ll get the benefit of delivering a fresher product.

In summary, attention to various details is required in fruit import and export logistics to ensure that fruits can reach their destination in the best condition and comply with regulatory requirements. Therefore, choosing a reliable logistics partner is crucial to ensure the smooth process of the entire fruit logistics process.

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